A recent study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of india (OAA), in association with Reality Mine using india TouchPoints, has revealed that out of home advertising produces the best combination of reach and consumer activity of all media (source). Those who participated in the study reported taking action such as brand engagement on social media, online searches and purchases, etc., within a half-hour of exposure to OOH advertising 22% of the time. These findings not only prove the overall efficiency of outdoor advertising campaigns but also show that there are countless opportunities for brands to reach and convert customers close to the point of purchase.

  Yet, OOH advertising, in all its forms, must meet 3 essential conditions in order to have the desired impact: it must be different, it has to offer something to the viewer it must invite the audience to engage.

Why different?

compared to other means and channels of advertising, OOH has an advantage: it cannot be switched off. Yet, as a business, it’s one thing to put your message out there and a completely different story to have it noticed by thousands of people every day. And it all comes down to creativity. Whether you are a small business trying to make it big or a corporate giant already dominating the market, it’s not just the message that cuts through the noise and draws the attention, but the context in which that message is placed. An eye-catching, “ohh, look at that!” type of context that breaks the surrounding routine, like the ones in the example below:

Why offer?

Gone are the days when it was enough to plaster a message somewhere and expect it to pay off. Today’s advertising must allow interaction and reward the viewer whether through the information shared or through the process of sharing that information. Take Samsung, for example. In their latest outdoor campaign, they’ve use their TVs to improve road safety by affixing them to the backs of truck trailers. Cameras mounted in front of the truck feeding a live-view to the TVs made it possible for the drivers behind to see what was happening ahead. The cameras also had a night-vision mode, helping the drivers to see the road ahead even during the night.

Why engaging With LED VIDEO VAN

The best advantage of nowadays’ advertising is the possibility of unparalleled exposure: you can mix and match multiple channels within the same campaign to maximise its efficiency. For example, now it’s entirely possible for businesses to harness the reach of outdoor billboards and the power of social media in one go, with the help of smart technology. All it takes is a creative context to attract and an effective call to action to engage the audience, setting the stage for dialogue, interaction and conversion.

Whether you chose a mobile billboard or a digital static one, out of home advertising can deliver fantastic results. But not on its own: businesses, too, should take responsibility and realize that what makes an advertising campaign a success is not only the medium but the context as well. And a context needs creativity in order to stand out.

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